Me & the longg title

Thanks for visiting the blog. Quick five words about me – Travel. Books. Marketing. Beer/Coffee. Internet. That pretty much sums it up and you can connect the dots if you’re reading my posts. I write primarily from Delhi, my current city. Although I’m originally from Mumbai. I say that right off the bat being unsure of what I feel about Delhi. I don’t hate the city (look at me trying to keep my Delhi readership…).

The description of the title is something I wrote 3 years back, so bear with the amateurish nature of it. Truth is that I’ve been trying to migrate all these posts to a blog with a new title, more representative of my current self. But since that’s taking time, I continue to write here. Feels rough to delete the description because it was part of my baby steps in public writing, so I retain it. But you don’t have to read it. Suffice to say that this blog houses my rational/irrational perspectives on current inspirations: travel, books, movies, food, social media…and something new keeps getting added every other week.

Old Description:

Over the past few months, I realized that I have entered the decade of 25-35…and am finally making sense of the chaos that passed in the previous decade, and how it would/could manifest in the next decade.

Which brings me to the title of this blog. They say it is a crucial concern for a blogger what he or she must call a blog. I agree with that and the overarching “theme” that I spoke of before ties in wonderfully with this title for the following reasons 1) no points for guessing it is a mish mash of two of my favorite books and movies 2) Sense appeals to me on an individually logical level, the rational side of me (this one goes for long vacations, but does eventually return and starts reasoning, hate when that vacation ends!) Sensibility appeals to the emotional side of me, the one that responds to people, feelings, events and is not governed by reason or common sense or judgment. It is what takes over when  Sense is on vacation really. And sometimes prejudice…when has life been black or white? In fact sometimes our sensible and insensible side do collude to gift us with the prejudices…so common around us in all that we do that it didn’t make sense to leave this one out from the title…in our career tracks, partner choices, handpicking of friends, don’t biases govern us all the time?

So Sense, Sensibility and some Prejudice sits perfectly well with me for this as a title…and the lens of books, movies and travel even more. Hope to have you join in soon with your experiences too…To know more about the genesis of the blog, read my first post on the The Genesis


12 thoughts on “Me & the longg title

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  2. It’s great to read your blog. You have some great thoughts penned (or rather typed) down. The theme of your blog relates to each individual’s life and can become a great platform for discussion of experiences.

  3. Hey Sayali, Thanks so much…good to hear people are reading, would love to hear more from you on the other posts as well!

  4. Thanks Hannah 🙂 I’ll keep in mind what you said about the fatigue too 🙂 Look forward to your comments on other posts as well

    • Hey, Thanks a lot. I work full time so don’t travel as much as I would like to. But have been to all the places in US that are worth visiting, Spore, HK and Macau in Asia and India ofcourse. Still need to step into Europe. Where do you usually travel? Do you write about it as well? Look forward to hearing about your experiences on the other posts as well!

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